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Can I find here serious man? !..yu


Hello all, folks! I know, my topic may be too specific for this forum,
But my sister found nice man here and they married, so how about me?! :)
I am 24 years old, Emma, from Romania, know English and Italian languages also
And... I have specific disease, named nymphomania. Who know what is this, can understand me (better to say it immediately)
Ah yes, I cook very tasty! and I love not only cook ;))
Im real girl, not prostitute, and searching for serious and hot relationship...
My photo:

Update later:
Ooops! Seems that pic broken, sorry =(
Anyway, you can find my profile here:
Or write to me via email
for Emma   
P.S. PenneyZgx, Aristofamn - dont write to me, trolls! >:-(


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